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You found them a good home. Now donít find them a cheap inspector.
Keep your buyers happy after the closing.

Use NACHI certified home inspectors.

  Blame the agent!
Thatís what happens when your inspector finds defects that really donít exist, or worseÖ misses defects that really do exist. Keep your clients happy after the closing by encouraging them to use a NACHI certified home inspector.

All NACHI inspectors have to pass NACHI's Inspector Exam every year, complete an Ethics Obstacle Course, take a Standards of Practice Quiz, fulfill Continuing Education requirements, have access to advisory boards, and use a time-tested agreement which includes a real estate agent hold-harmless clause, keeping them and you out of court.

Donít hurt your own clients and your own referral business with an uncertified inspector. Do yourself and your clients a favorÖ use only NACHI certified home inspectors. NACHI - the best home inspectors in the world.

National Association of Certified Home Inspectors